Together we will cureMEdullo (post.8)

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Understanding the power of collaboration, we have partnered with The Carson Leslie Foundation #cureMEdullo to make substantial advances in the pediatric cancer community. The Carson Leslie Foundation created cureMEdullo to earmark funding directly to Medulloblastoma; this is the first foundation to focus on Medulloblastoma-the most common brain tumor.

The Carson Leslie Foundation #cureMEdullo has made and will continue to make an impact

$3.2M CPRIT/CLF research grant (Genotype and Metabolic Phenotype,Proton Beam Radiation vs. Conventional Beam Radiation,Rational Redox-Driven Non-Toxic Therapeutic Strategies), Opening a teen room on oncology floor in Children’s medical center of Dallas and establishing a $100k endowment, Hosting and participating as a chair at the Congressional Childhood Caucus, “Golden Toast” in Washington DC.

We are excited to be part of this organization and have a stronger hold on leveraging funds toward medulloblastoma, to increase collaborative efforts, and shout on top of the “hill” in DC all to

positively affect the growing childhood cancer statistics.