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Rush to return to normal..

I know the parts that I would pick to NOT rush back to--anything related to #oncology, #braintumors, #medulloblastoma, #pediatriccancer. However, those of us in the cancer world do not have this choice.

As the world has directed their attention primarily to #COVD, for good reason, the pediatric cancer world is still fighting our cancer fight.

The need for support is tremendous around all corners-local businesses, family and friend support, our front line medical workers, our aging relatives and yes still advancing research in pediatric brain cancer.

As I start to plan our 3rd Annual #closertothecurefundraiser for the end of this year, I pause to recognize everyone's mind set is a bit frazzled. What I ask of you is to take care of you and your family during this time, to reflect on "what parts of your normal are worth rushing back to?"

#Silverlining Believe in science There are longer-term changes that are emerging. The reliance on leadership and sound scientific advice reinforces the importance of international collaboration and information-sharing.

To believe in science is a mantra to our family & most oncology families As advancing research increases our children's odds

I hope everyone stays well during this #pandemic and carries into the future the critical need to #support each other in as many ways as we can!

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