But surprisingly I am mostly calm, until I'm not. The power of the internet has been proven true, yet again... I somehow feel more connected to my family and friends now more than ever. In a world that was built around constant distraction and a constant state of "busy" we are now collectively forced to slow down and appreciate it all just a little bit more. As these days unfold trying to stay connected and supportive is more important than ever!

It has its moments of producing anxiety

* to too much corona virus news

* seeing kids on spring break shouting "the coronavirus will not stop my partying"

* to hearing our fearless leader making up science

But then there are the good moments

* my kiddos classes/friends connecting with each other through google meet or zoom

* having virtual drinks with my friends

* dancing and scream singing around the house to any number of free online concerts (yesterday was the #indigogirls concert last night and tonight #willienelson and #paulsimon!)