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One step at a time... (post.7)

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

This March marks our 1 year post treatment and we received great news--NED(clear) MRI!!! Most "normal" people don't really know what to do with this news, we get-----"congratulations", "you must be relieved", "you are in the clear", "time to celebrate", "oh I'm so happy for you." We are thankful for all of your words as we feel the big hug!! Now what is screaming in our head is "wow I can breathe again...until the next time" We start holding our breath about a month before the scan and only release it after hearing the welcoming words of CLEAR-over a month later! Those days, weeks, month before we do everything we can to "get out of our heads" and find any relief from the "scanxiety" if only for minutes-the distraction is welcome.

We are changed people! Each minute gives us a different perspective, each day gives us a different focus-each month gives us peace and every single second gives us an opportunity to cherish for ever!

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