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navigate yet another new normal.

I don't know if being a "cancer mom" better prepares me for dealing with the coronavirus, but the protocol is starting to feel a bit familiar. The times while Cooper had chemotherapy and was immunocompromised; we stayed home from school for days, washed our hands feverishly, wore masks around anyone with the sniffles and had to say no to many visits and playdates.

As I reach out to my friends that are actively in treatment, I find myself thinking about the whole scenario a bit differently, less selfishly actually. The new job I didn't sign up for- as home school teacher, the new way folks are stocking up for quarantine, the new togetherness that might make us nuts--this is merely just an inconvenience for me but for others it may be life or death.

I CAN handle this....there are folks that are having issues feeding their kids because they relied on school breakfast and lunch, there are folks that just had a major surgery or treatment and are nervous about just breathing in the air, there are the elderly in nursing homes that can't see their family, there are parents that are stressed about how this will all work...... My inconvenience it worth it and necessary.

Could there be a silver lining? Maybe it is a reset for all to become more patient, more kind, more empathic. Forcing us outside of our comfort zone and become just a bit more human again and to embrace (from 6 feet away) our new normal!

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