It's all relative...

When faced with the question "How is cooper?" I usually stumble with the answer. You would think after 3 years of going through this I would have figured out how to answer this by now.

The truth is I want to start everything off by saying well it’s all relative. The world we have been forced to join has warped our sense of normal, good, healthy, going with your gut....

I find it hard to find the words to answer this. But I will try to answer.

Q: "So how is Cooper?"

A:"It is all relative... Cooper is doing excellent (compared to the past), our days of medical appointments are getting further apart and our MRIs are now every 6 months (as long as they stay clear), his eyes are pretty good (but he will need cataract surgery followed by glasses), he can play like the regular kids (but because of the radiation sometimes his emotions get “stuck”), we are monitoring his growth and he is growing (however not like his buddies), his ears can still hear mom and dads whispers (but he has lost high frequency sounds), he has mastered the art of swallowing supplements (but no child should have a 10 pills a day schedule), he is the strongest person I know (but he-along with us-are still terrified heading into each MRI

so this is OUR normal, this is the world we try to find balance in, a world we rarely want to tell the full details to everyone that asks, but PLEASE don't stop asking. We will not make it a long story each time, we promise.