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A rhetorical question, I think...

As a child, and frankly all of my adult life, I have found making decisions a bit challenging. Whether they are life changing or just small positive choices. the idea or thought having so many options makes my head spin and sometimes even paralyzes the process.

Sooooooo... now I find myself as a cancer mom/parent needing to make some pretty hefty choices, those past challenges have simple become EVEREST! I can say it is all relative; but wowzers who knew this #adulting thing was no joke!

My newest mind game is trying to determine if we should have Cooper's followup MRI before summer; there are pros and cons to each and never a "correct" answer, but nevertheless a complete MINDF&(*&@^^!

I think this is a rhetorical question... and in my coping process of life.. I find myself trying to distract my mind away from thought..

As I google "funny adulting quotes" this is what i found!

WHAT I USED TO SAY AS A NEW MOM.. Don't worry kids being an adult is most just googling how to do stuff

WHAT I SAID RIGHT AFTER MY SON GOT DIAGNOSED.. adulting is like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by an airplane

WHAT I SAID ON OUR SURGERY/THERAPY/CHEMO/RADIATION DAYS..pulled an all dayer today... pretty rough

WHAT I SAID AFTER TREATMENT ENDED (2 YEARS AGO)..drink some coffee and just pretend you know what your doing

WHAT I SAY NOW.. I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down.... in my shoe. my sock is falling off.

#hope #coping #cureMEdullo #closertothecure

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