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In Uncertain Times, You can Be certain of this: Your generosity will make a  difference.  

Donating will put money directly into the hands of promising researchers working tirelessly to find a  cure for the most prevalent brain cancer in children.  

As we integrate into a new year, a year of new beginnings and hope; we sit back and try to understand the new normal of the world.  The new normal of a cancer family within an ever changed world--- on a mission.  A mission to collaborate with like minded non profits, to affect governmental change to make a difference to those touched by pediatric cancer, to put funding into the hands of promising research and get Closer to the Cure.  

We have yet to understand how our 2021 event will unfold but look forward to sharing our next page with all of you.  

If you would like to donate an item to a future online auction or would like to become a future sponsor; please reach out to for more information.  

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