COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives, but there’s one constant: kids with cancer still need treatment and the advancement of research is critical for their survival. Social distancing doesn’t have to put the brakes on funding childhood cancer research. 

Closer to the Cure and cureMEdullo are going Virtual in 2020!

Closer to the Cure is an information and supportive site, collaborating with like minded foundations; such as The Carson Leslie Foundation's cureMEdullo and Alex's Lemonade Stand, to assist with carrying out our mission to raise awareness, advance pediatric brain tumor research through fundraising events, improve the quality of life and impact pivotal legislative action.

Together over the past 2 years, Closer to the Cure was able to raise over $146,000 to directly advance pediatric brain tumor research through our non profit partners

100% of all funds raised are making an IMPACT

~​ALSF Grants (TAK228 & CRAZY 8 Initiative) 

~cureMedullo ASCO Young Investigator Award.  Stingray Therapeutics is introducing an immune-therapy in medulloblastoma.

Childhood Cancer:

Facts by the Numbers

  • 28,000 kids diagnosed per year

  • 95% patients will have chronic conditions following treatment

  • 3 drugs have been approved since 1980

  • 1% of NIH funding is dedicated to Pediatric Brain Tumor research

  • advancing research has increased survival rates to 80%